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Hi everyone,


I just started integarting the ATTO v2.0 in my NSP Viking airframe. The Viking has been a fully functional UAV using the Picopilot and it has been a great testbed since it flies very well, is strong yet lightly built and has a reasonable size at 55 in wingspan weighing around 40 oz AUW.


This is the equipment I intend to use;


-          MEGA 1625/4 motor with 9x6 APC prop – 250-300W and 3S Hyperion 3AH pack

-          Schulze high quality 8ch rx (35 MHz)

-          Hitech BB servos  x4

-          Jeti SPIN 44A speed control with switching 5.5 BEC

-          XBEE modems and separate 9v battery

-          HappyKilmore GCS


More to follow soon...







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Comment by icebear on March 16, 2011 at 21:09

Thanks Max!


Everyhing ready to go now... :)



Comment by icebear on March 18, 2011 at 17:29
As mentioned - everything ready to go BUT I have a few quick questions that someone might be able to help with...

1) Is it possible to test fly without Pitot intalled - in previous Atto version this was OK but dont know about the new 2.0 version
2) I get a negative value for Roll in CAL.txt upon setting up - shoudl this be converted to positive degrees (-16 entered as 16)



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