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What is the current status of AttoPilot?

I have seen no updates to the, any entries on RCGroups, or new remarks here.

What's up?

Irv Stafford

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Comment by Martint on April 23, 2012 at 6:22

Hi Irvin,


I know Chris & Co have been working very hard on some new projects and I hope they will be telling us all about them very soon! I speak with Chris just about every week and can't wait for them to get over the very busy time they are all having at Atto HQ!





Comment by Jim Peterson on May 3, 2012 at 4:25

BIG Attopilot FAN.  But, I haven't been able to get a hold of Chris this week.  Is there someone else I can contact?  Is something wrong?


Comment by Martint on May 3, 2012 at 7:30

Jim, I was speaking to Chris a day or so back he has been a little hard to reach for the past week :), you can use the contact form here: that should go to the "team" and someone should jump on it for you!




Comment by Dean Goedde on October 19, 2012 at 3:55

Hi all,  I worked on a number of semi-Atto projects the last 1 year, and now developing the V4.  Main focii:  cleaning up anything less than perfect seen with the V3, more processing power, works with any SD card, new stabilization methods, new airspeed gain scheduling, new GPS, new gyros and accel, addition of mag to make it 9 DOF, added auxiliary telem output geared for OSD, flexible mixing of all 9 servos, etc... There is a lot to development.  Though I started flying bits and pieces of the V4 all the way back 1 year ago in October 2011, still here in Oct 2012 the prototype is a bundle of wires and several PCBs ganged together.  It will definately be some time before anything is near to market.


I'm working on some inexpensive RC products but not willing yet to divulge details.  I did some development on a small hande held GCS with 2 line LCD screem and it was dubbed the "APCU" for AttoPilot Control Unit.  I do intend to make this a real product.  It uses a 2-6s LiPo, hase sockets on the backside for both Xbee and 9XTend, works with all SD cards, has 4 control buttons plus left/right/up/down gamepad.  It is totally loaded with features and allows complete control and tuning of Atto with intuitive screens and control.  Deisgned to have very short learning curve yet be very powerful.


I was at AUVSI a few months back in LasVegas.  I enjoyed "talking shop" with many people, especially makers of high-end IMUs.  I suspected some of the calibration methods they used, I was confirmed on some, but learned a lot as well.  Following AUVSI a spurt of work was done with inspirations of things seen at AUVSI.  Much of my thought processes with new IMU and control methods lead to variable bandwidth filters of the exponentially-weighted variety.  These filters are being implemented into many methods.  The payoff is when dynamics are slow, the filters smooth out signals and reduce noise, yet with the action heats up the filters automatically become more responsive.


Well, I said a lot and in some ways didn't say much.  I can't give many specifics other than to convey that much work is being done, and much more is on the way.



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