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Well things were going well and the Maxi Swift tests were coming along fine. I even had some high altitude pictures for the blog. We don't do FPV but we were setting the system up to run a wireless on the end of one wing and a HD camera on the other wing. We had an OSD connected to the wireless to see what we were doing and let Atto fly the Maxi. The flight went well but after landing and upon looking at the HD camera video it was just a whole bunch of noise. I tried a video on the ground and everything was fine, I then turned on the wireless transmitter and tried to do another HD video and sure enough just noise. There is something in the 2.4ghz wireless transmitter that is causing noise on the HD camera. I saw no problem with Atto, 8500ft and 6.3 miles max altitude and distance and the SD card from atto is fine.

And then, Frank Myers, my main pilot had a major acceident. After starting his 1/4 size Katana, as he was getting up his knee gave out and he fell arm first into the prop. a chunck of flesh 2" X 2" X1.5" was cut out of his arm including nerves, tendon and muscle. The Doctors give him a 10% chance of ever flying competition and only 35 % of even flying again.

We have decided to shut down flight testing for the winter while frank heals, We will continue to develope the Maxi Swift on the ground and try to get all the bugs out before next spring.


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Comment by Gary Mortimer on October 28, 2010 at 20:25
Oh dear sorry to hear that.

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