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Looking for New UAV airframe for ATTO

Next months budget (allowance from my wife) becomes available on the first.

This month I will be buying a UAV airframe to fly with my new ATTO and to play with some of the ideas I have had for years.

Hopefully you guys may have some ideas for me.

I want to experiment with some digital sensor & communications packages and some long range survailance out in the desert. 

People trying to cross our desert from mexico has become an epidemoic, a deadly one at that, according to the Tucson Daily Star newspaper... "AZ border saw record 252 deaths in fiscal '10"
Maybe flying around the desert with a camera might serve a better purpose than just being an expensive hobby for me.

I think my first project might be a airborne web server, with multiple cameras.

What I am looking for is something with a 60" + wing span, low or mid wing, something capable of carrying enough batteries to give me an extended flight time of 2 hr +. I would prefer something with a proven history with the ATTO.

Needs to have gear capable of doing desert strip landings and take offs (I can't do hand launch), I want something thats got some punch and can deal with the winds. Speed other than the wind factor is not that big of a deal. 

I want some thing with the ability to handle a payload of 2 Kg or so after batteries and a payload area of at least 4x4x2. 

I have done several portable digital video broadcast projects on a PC-104 platform and I think they would adapt nicely to a UAV environment.

I was thinking of one of those big 6ft Telemasters but I cant see that dealing with the winds the way I would like it to.

I would like to keep the whole platform (Engine, servos, batteries, etc) cost below a $1,000 (My monthly budget). 

I am considering finding a builder here in town so I don't necessarily have to have a ARF or RTF. 

I have been looking at some flying wing platforms but I am not that good of a pilot and should get something that I as well as the ATTO can fly.

I like the look of Chris Mcnair's Devil ray but think it might be out of my budget and skill level.

Any body have any ideas?


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