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We, Aerospace Dept, developed the world's lightest weight ornithopter capable of flapping and glidding. see link below

We are aiming to make it autonomous.

We want to use your autoopilot in our ornithopter,

It probably will need a bit of programming to handle gliding, I would expect the default behavior of an aircraft autopilot to keep the throttle on all the time. Flapping is somewhat analogous to throttle on a normal airplane except for causing! changes to lift, that would probably work out of the box with some gain tuning. Navigation should work the same as an airplane which your autopilot seems to handle well.

Please reply me ASAP



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Comment by Gary Mortimer on December 16, 2010 at 9:47

Is this your project?


"This project has focused on developing a flapping-wing hovering insect using 3D printed wings and mechanical parts. The use of 3D printing technology has greatly expanded the possibilities for wing design, allowing wing shapes to replicate those of real insects or virtually any other shape. It has also reduced the time of a wing design cycle to approximately one hour. An ornithopter with a mass of 3.89g has been constructed using the 3D printing technique and has demonstrated an 85- second passively stable hovering flight. This flight exhibits the functional utility of printed materials for flapping wing experimentation and ornithopter construction.";" class="align-center" height="340" width="590" src=""/>

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