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Well even though I'm still working with an older 1.8V Atto we decided to do a maiden on our new MAXI SWIFT, (pictures to come). we just did a very basic setup with just the regular RC electronics and the Atto, nothing else was added as all we wanted to see was how well it flew.

Set up

2 4000mah 3S lipos

1 40 amp plush BESC

1 .15 1300kva motor

1 9/6 prop

1 2.4ghz 9ch Hi tech receiver.

2 HS 83 mg servos

1 V1.8 Attopilot

As it stands now, the maxi is a plain Jane built as the instructions call for with minor strengthening on the elevons.

We programed the Atto to do 1300 ft legs in a box formation with 800 ft climb between way points.

The result was this maximum altitude using only 1 of the 2 4000mah batteries was 13293ft, the LVCO is a little high as we still had 700 usable mahs left. We lost site of the maxi at around 8000 ft but the Atto held almost perfect circles on the RTL glide.

We could not have asked for a better maiden flight of the Maxi Swift.

We will be setting the Maxi up with a pan tilt standard res camera with 2.4ghz downlink to base, a HD camera with internal SD recording, a Dragon Link 433mhz 500mw RC reciever along with the Atto V.2 or an Atto IMU and a 900mhz downlink.

We plan to do some low and mid altitude balloon drops of the Maxi to see how that platform handles.

BTW, if you guys have never seen a Maxi in flight you don't know what you missing. This bird is huge with a wing span of 55" and a average cord of 12" this beast will float like a feather, and yet really moves well for a big bird.

We are going to do some minor design changes and then I'll get some pictures out to you.

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