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Well shortly after flying on the hill with my chum John I had a quick flight before work.

An exhuberant, oh well all right badly fouled up hand catch resulted in too high a speed at just the wrong time.

People watching, so I could'nt not catch it, all good incidents start with the words.... watch this.

Caught it, but it was going so fast that quite a bit of force was applied on my left thumb.

Ripping the top of the servo off!!

And bending… Continue

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Airframe 3

Bigger better and some other B word

Airframe 3 is finally moving off the computer and into the 3d world.

Should be ready to fly next week.

The goal.........

1KG for one hour in as simple as possible way.

Its basically a twice sized version of 1 and 2.Not as easy to put on the back seat of a car, but the working on it breaking into four bits.

The motor and wing mount as one.

Tail comes away

Then the two… Continue

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First Service Bulletin

Had a good look over things tonight and noticed that one of the control surfaces has lost a little of its hinge.

Not a train smash, a ten second patch with UHU por.

The hinge is fabulously simple.

All you do is run a bead of por along each surface wait for it to get tacky and then but the two together.

Very quick and easy.

So I noticed that defect at 46 hours and 36 minutes.

This is exactly the reason I'm caning the… Continue

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Italian Atto

Chris Andersons writting spreads all over...

Any suggestion that this is an easy way of getting a girl in a… Continue

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April 2, 2009 AeroVironment's Raven UAV system has been used to demonstrate the viability of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as a low-cost surveillance alternative in a continuous 30-hour persistent surveillance test flight. Conducted in conjunction with the U.S. Army Product Manager for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS), the demonstration involved unbroken surveillance of a target site using one standard production Raven RQ-11B baseline system (three aircraft and two ground control… Continue

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Weight testing

Time to find out what can be lifted thats for sure. Now I don't have any weights so what to use.

So I used some of these.

Weighing 58g each Mars Bars I think should become the standard load carrying test weights.

Did a flight of 20 minutes carrying 4 so 232g and then a flight of 10 minutes with all five in the multipack to make 290g,

Now it really was the most awful un aerodynamic block of chocolate so perhaps I need to buy denser thinner more… Continue

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80 days, 100 hours

Heres how its going I'm a little ahead of target which will allow for some really bad weather days.

As I have said before no point having a fantastic autopilot in your model aircraft if the airframe falls apart after a couple of hours flight time.

Airframes will need to be used like tools, chucked in the back of a van and maintained easily.

Sure there will be big UAV airframes carrying all sorts of heavy sensor packages, but the Micro Aerial Vehicle… Continue

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