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In anticipation of Atto making it here in time for the outback challenge I have been investigating the only other system I have yet to purchase, radio modems.
In all discussions the Freewave modem seems to come out in front of the XBee for range and data speed.
Has anyone out there connected a Freewave modem to the Atto, or has anyone any experience with the Freewave modems?

Appreciate any feedback.


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Hopefully my 1.8's are sitting there about to be shipped pending approval, as I have sent in all my answers to the questionnaire.

The specs for the Freewave looked better than the XTend so hopefully it will be just a pin to pin connection and all will work. Stated range for the Freewave is 60miles, and I have heard their noise and interference suppression is quite good.

Chris McNair said:
Not yet but Dean has gone over the specs and info and he said it should be no problem. Are you looking to connect it to the 1.8? Or the IMU?


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