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Hi Guys,


I first installed my atto in a big traditional twin and it worked well. Now I have decided to install it into a large flying wing. I set it up for rc fligh,and went flying/trimming. It flies beautifully, like it's on tracks or something.


 Now that I'm setting up the atto I'm having a problem with the elevon mixing. I turned off the tx mixing and enabled atto mixing ($1). I've played with the servo ($2-3) and direction ($11-17) signs extensively but can't seem to get it right. Everything is moving the right direction in response to the stick. I set all the PWM limits and verified with a servo tester.


Symptoms: When I turn everything on the plane wants to make a hard right (in manual mode). It's not something that can be trimmed out. If I change the mechanical linkages to be neutral when the sticks and trims are neutral I immediately hit the PWM limits (and servo limits) when I try to turn right and practically nothing happens.


Another way to describe it: Push the "roll" stick 75% to the left and everything is neutral. If you consider that your new neutral point everything is normal (except less diflection). Let go of the stick and you're back in a hard right. It seems as though the servos are being driven almost to their limit in one direction. Again, everything on the transmitter is neutral and the rc flights were beautiful.


Any thoughts or hints? Your input and expertise would be much appreciated.



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Does it pass a ground test where you hold the plane over your head and roll/pitch the plane and makes the correct elevon motion to bring the plane back to level?

Did you follow the setup flowchart in the Atto manual?  (Attached)

Thanks Dean,

Sorry I've been away from the forum for I while. I actually worked this out a long time ago. If memory serves it was a really obscure setting in the tx at fault. That's the problem with fancy txs. Anyhow, thank you all for your help.

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