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Anybody managed to get a Ublox LEA-6H working with the Attopilot?


My Atto came with a Locosys MC-1315, which I am currently using. 

I also have a 3DR Ublox LEA-6H which I have been testing out (connected to the laptop) and on the face of it, the Ublox appears to lock onto more satellites, and appears particularly good when it is very overcast. 

I have attempted to get the Ublox to talk to the Atto, taking note of Dean’s comments (Baud: 115200 bps NMEA - GPGGA  and GPVTG at 4 Hz) but can’t seem to get the sentences right.    

The Atto is talking to the GPS, however when I am looking at the translated data (HK GCS) the Lat and Long values are all made up of Zero’s.   

So.... I still must have some settings stuffed up as the Atto is not picking up the lat and long out of the sentences.

Any ideas?

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